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Booster budget class of common, cheap and non-deficient material Ракета-носій бюджетного класу з поширених, дешевих і недефіцитних матеріалів


The possibility of creation of a state class rocket carrier in Ukraine in order to reduce the cost of putting into service orbit of payload is considered.

Key words: carrier rocket, budget class, cost 1 kg of cargo into orbit, monopilot

    American SpaceX Company Ilona Mask estimates "services" of the launch vehicle "Falcon 9" (the cost of satellite withdrawal) from $ 62 million. In 2016 and 2017, the US Air Force paid $ 82.7 million and $ 95.6 million for launches of its satellites. And this despite the fact that the protection of satellites and the first degree are reused. Japan launches the world's smallest SS-520 carrier rocket from the Utienaux spaceport. The rocket weighs 2.6 tons, its length is 9.5 meters, and the diameter is 52 cm. The development and launch of the TRICOM 1R satellite weighing only 3 kg and the size of the box for shoes cost $ 3.6 million. The problem of reducing the cost of launch …

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