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Leonja Podhybai 
1996 - Military Kyiv Humanitarian Institute, a military psychologist.
1988 - Chernigov Higher Military School of Pilots. Pilot fighter aircraft engineer.
Additional education
2005 - Hiring productive employees (year).
2003 - Goethe Institute (the first level of the German language).
2003 - Basis of accounting and introduction to financial management (retraining officers).
1995 - Courses Entrepreneurship (optional).
Now - aviation psychology professor of the School of flight attendants
2010 - 2015 - Officer
2011 - 2013 - instructor navigational training flight Air and Space Center. Veda aerospace blog
2008 -2012 - Private
Results. Search monopoly niche market, registration creation and debugging of modern Internet marketing business recruitment activities to recruit regional dealers, contextual advertising campaign organization aviapostavok direct product of the People's Republic of legalization and customs clearance.
2006-2008 - psychological practice.
Results. Providing psychological support to people working in female psychology, child psychology, working with groups, participation and organization psychologically oriented business training. Help to continue the flight longevity and counseling lifting of flight. Dealing with grief, loss and symptoms of imbalance, household injuries, strangulation ranges.
2001-2006 - commercial mediation
Results. Search promising markets, competition assessment, analysis of demand-offer negotiations by telephone, maintenance contract "seller-buyer", the formation of the client base.
1984-2001 (17 years) - in positions of cadet to deputy commander of Fighter Regiment.
Results. Fighter pilot. Captured the L-39, MiG-21, -23, -29. Duration 500 hours. 50 parachute jumps. He took part in operations with O-Ukrainian troops from the Caucasus regions in 1994, implementation of the regiment, including, in particular business and survive in hot spots - the Caucasus.
German - conversational. Russian - fluently. Ukrainian - native.
Computer skills
Google Adwords,
Yandex, creating blogs to order,
Driving license: category B.
Track important events in the field of aerospace, military issues in Ukraine and abroad. I am interested in military history, ultralight aircraft.
Social activities
I work individually and with groups within the psychological techniques. I initiated a project of open source software is the third edition I have a positive experience of the campaign, promising use of political technologies, human rights protection.
Military service Service officer in reserve lieutenant colonel.
Marital status. Married.

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